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The Son's and Daughter's of Hecate is an organization of men and woman who are devoted to reviving the worship of This Great Goddess.  We hope to achieve this through the education and practical application of the wide and varied forms of her worship.




We have in the past offered Inner Temple Training and plan to do so in the near future, as the training is being revised. Those who are led please contact us and we will update you when the Inner Temple Training is open. Also Membership is open to all that seek it and our membership page will be up and running shortly.




Jeannette is an Elder in the NROOGD Tradition of the Craft and a Priestess of Hecate. She, after a vow to Hecate, began The Son's and Daughters of Hecate, in order to provide anyone who seeks information about the Goddess in all of her aspects, not just the common misconception of Hecate in only her Crone Aspect.


In the year 2000 Jeannette Morrone, a Priestess of Hecate, built the original Sons and Daughters of Hecate site. It was her hope that those seeking to understand Hecate on a much deeper level, instead of what  the modern perception currently was, would  be able to use the site  to deepen their understanding.  Through this she met with other Devotees of Hecate and along with them worked to change how the world viewed and worshiped Hecate. At that time there where very few that did this, gladly the times are beginning to change.



Membership page will be up soon!!