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Wilderness: Hecate is associated with wild places. Often she would be called upon and offerings made to her for safe passage through these areas. Places of wilderness where often seen as mystical places, the realm of only Deity and wild animals. This is also connected to the Crossroads.

Thresholds: The places in between, such as the points between life and death, the mundane world and the spiritual. She is present in all aspects of transitions, often spurring on the Transition for growth.

Gate Keeper: (Propylaia, the one before the Gate) This goes along with her threshold aspect but later more so, as her statues when placed before entryways for protection. Hecate also is know as the gate keeper spiritually because she holds the key (kleidouchos, keeper of the key’s) to these gates and it is her that opens the gates that lead to initiation into the mystery’s, such as the elusinean mysteries, the gates to secret knowledge and to the gates of life and death.


Childbirth: She has been referred to as a Divine midwife as she was called upon to assist with childbirth, prayed to for the safe birth of a child, as well as protection for the mother. She is also referred to as a nurse to children. It is interesting to note, that one of the symbols also connected to this aspect is the Knife. It is the knife that she uses to cut the umbilical cord. Releasing the new soul from its connection to the spiritual world so it can live within the mundane world. She is also the nurse to those who are dying.

Death: Hecate has a long history with being associated with death and the dead. She is a guide for the just passed, leading them into the underworld to await the time for re-birth, she is also associated with spiritual deaths and re-births, such as in initiations. She is often referred to as the nurse to the dying, easing their pending transformation.

Agriculture: Hecate was often called upon to have a good crop and to make livestock more plentiful Offerings where made to Hecate to be granted her good favor. This also is connected to her wilderness aspect.


Chthonic/Underworld: Hecate is most know as a chthonic Deity (Of the earth). She is often called an Underworld Goddess. Hecate could reside any where within her Dominion but for the most part resides within the recesses of the Underworld by choice.

Guardian: Often her statue would be placed at doorways, entrances of temples, before gates. She would protect those within.

Sea: Hecate would often have offerings made to her by fishermen for a plentiful catch and for safety while out at sea. She has been known to be "earthshaking" and producing a bountiful catch. If not happy however she would take it away, or cause monstrous storms taking back the fish or sailors unto the Sea.

Storms: Hecate is often referred to as a tempest. Due to her ability to whip up a storm, that devastates everything in its path. She was often given offerings in order to not upset her and prayed to asking for protection for crops and catches

Crossroads: Hecate is the most famous in modern times for this aspect. Crossroads are notoriously known for areas in which odd and strange happenings occur. The point where three points meet are heavy transition points and the veil are very thin between the mundane and spiritual worlds, the lines are often blurred. (Try standing in one just before dusk or dawn) Hecate rules here (Hermes as well) and through out history she has been left offerings at crossroads. Often crossroads would have makeshift altars so people could leave their offerings. Traditionally one would leave an offering, turn and leave never to look back as they may encounter Our Lady. An interesting note about this; the poor and hungry would wait until offerings where left and then they would take the food. (As well as from Hermes herms) With no ill effects.

Moon phases: Hecate can be worked with in any aspect of the moon. Often her appearance changes along with the current moon phase. Sometimes she does not, as truly each phase contains a part of all others and is connected, she doesn’t always stick to the norm so don’t be surprised.

New: This is traditionally a time for new beginnings and putting actions into plans. She often appears in her Maiden aspect. Hecate really does not like indecisiveness and if you’re not ready to take action be prepared for a scolding.

Full: This is the time when she often comes as the Mother. Except not necessarily as the affectionate maternal type. Although she can be, Hecate, for me has never been the coddling type and if you are stalling be prepared for a push off of the proverbial fence.

Dark: This is one of the most common moon phases that are associated with Hecate. It also has the most negative associations. This phase is a time for reflection, gaining knowledge and removing unwanted attributes within ones own life. This is a time that if you are clinging to something unhealthy or impeding your growth it will be pointed out to you and you will be expected to do something about it.

Triple Goddess: Hecate is very much a triple Goddess. Although not necessary a original aspect within the Greek pantheon, (she does have a connection with the Great Mother, such as the Creator/destroyer and this is hinted at in some of her early attributes.) The triformus aspect most commonly known seemed to evolve later. On a personal note, Hecate has appeared within meditations at various times in all three common Triple Goddess aspects. Really depending on what she wants to get across.

Animals: Dogs, Ravens/crows, snakes, owls are best known, all wild animals, more have been added as time goes on though out history. Dogs are one of the oldest animal associations and they usually accompany her. It is said that, even in modern times that when one hears dogs howling and barking, Hecate is near and approaching. Dogs always are with her as she is out and about. The association with Snakes is probably older and symbolizes rebirth and transformation and reflects her Great mother/Mother Goddess aspect. I have witnessed, Crows and ravens gather in huge murders just before her presence is made known. I would be interested to know if this has occurred with anyone else who works with Hecate.

Herbs: Some of the Herbs associated with Hecate are; Yew, Willow, Garlic, Hemlock, Cypress, Black popular (who’s leaves are dark on onside and light on the other representing both realms) Belladonna, hellebore and aconite (hecateis) the list is huge! Any time spent in meditation with Hecate will uncover more for you personally.

Protectress of Women: Hecate is notorious for protecting women. She was called upon for protection for all aspects of Female life.

Light barer/bringer: Hecate is often seen with torches blazing. This aspect illuminates the path to secret knowledge, lights the way to and from the mundane and spiritual realms. She often is depicted in Art using the torches to lead Persephone out from the underworld. Often during meditations, she appears with her torches.

Key’s: Hecate is known as the keeper of the key’s. Hecate holds the key’s that unlock the gates to secret knowledge and the path to initiation. The keys to open the gates of death and rebirth are through her.

Cord: This represents the link between the spiritual world and the mundane. She is often portrayed with a rope in her triformus aspect. Hecate is responsible for the connections between the worlds and the souls journey between each. Upon birth the cord of the newborn needs to be severed, as he or she could not function within this mundane world, living mentally in the spiritual realm. Alternately, this also applies to the soul upon death, as without this cord being severed the soul could not return to the spiritual realm competently.

Athame/knife:  This is connected to the aspects of childbirth, initiations and to those who have passed from this realm. Hecate uses her knife to sever the cords that bind us to the spiritual and physical realms, in order for us to be completely within the realm we are in.


Witchcraft: Hecate is known as the Goddess of Witches. She holds keys to all of the secret knowledge of Herbs, spells, incantations, healing, and curses. She will share them with you, but you should know that you and only you are responsible for any out come. Blessing or Bane. Don’t blame the Goddess if you used the gifts irresponsibly or unethically and get bit in the ass.

Offerings: Traditionally offerings include Dogs, milk, honey, and black ewes. Obviously Animal sacrifice is not acceptable. One could simply give a portion of what one is having for dinner and place it out side. All root vegetables, mushrooms, seeds and nuts. Dog shaped cookies and other animal shapes could be included too. Use what your heart tells you as this means more to the Goddess then anything else. Sincerity when making an offering is truly the most important thing To Hecate or another Deity.




Trust your self,
and Grow!