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Musings on Divination 

One of Hecate’s best know attributes is her Assistance with Divination. She has through history been called upon for in depth answers and guidance using a Varity of divinational methods. One of the most famous is the Hecate wheel. Below are some suggestions of divination that you may like to try and that have worked very well for me. Evoking Hecate while using divination for your self personally is a great way to receive guidance and uncover things within your life that need to be addressed.

I should note that although you may be evoking Hecate to assist you with a reading for another, often you also will receive things that you need to be aware of or work on within your own life, while this can throw you for a loop, simply acknowledge them and address them with her at a later time, as not to confuse the person you are reading for.

Try to relax and have fun with divination, often the are a tun of "rules" for using and keeping your divination tools, some are over board and make their use so stringent and complicated that there is no joy involved. These are tools simply and only , for the use to uncover what is already within you. Technically you don’t "need" them, they are simply a way to trigger the information you already possess within your sub-consciousness.

Scrying; The use of reflective surfaces to alter your state of consciousness. This can be a mirror, a pool of water, a crystal orb ( or glass orb works just as well) and does not need to be elaborate.

Mirror; Any sized mirror can be used although 8 by 10 and up does seem to work better. I would suggest cleansing it by whatever method that you are comfortable with to remove other energies that may be within it, before using the mirror for scrying. I tend to clean it with windex and then do a magickal cleaning and dedication. ( I don’t use this form of mirror divination that often personally and don’t have a mirror simply for divination, so needless to say I have to charge and un-charge what ever mirror I do use when the mood strikes.)

There are many ways that one goes about scrying with a mirror and everyone needs to find the way that best works for them. I tend to simply use it in either softened day light or in the evening with more candle light.

Pool of water; a bowl of water in a dark container works well or you can add ink to the water. You can also use natural pools of water, such as mud puddles, which I have had great experiences with in broad day light.

Orbs; Orbs are also great and I have used them in both daylight as well as candle light. I do tend to keep my orbs covered up and put away when not in use but this really is because they can be expensive and I have children. A great orb and one that is very in-expensive is garden globes and floating fish pond balls, I have used both with wonderful results and if they do happen to get broke they can be easily replaced.

Pendulums; This is one of my favorite forms of divination. I often use it along with the Tarot. It’s light, it’s portable and you really don’t need any other equipment to go with it. A pendulum is an object suspended form a string or chain. This can be anything a stone, wood, ring, nut, fishing weight really anything that has a bit of weight to it, I will give you instruction on how to make your own at the end of the page.

Tarot; Tarot is an excellent way to reach into you sub conscious and really all you need is a deck that works for you and a cloth to lay out your cards. There are so many ways to lay out the cards and there are just as many ways to interpret them. I can only suggest that you learn some basic spread and basic meanings. Then move on to developing your own spreads and interpretations. Trust your own instincts and the images that come to you, not what the book says.


Basically for all forms of divination the basics are the same.

Create a scared space ( this does not need to be elaborate unless you choose and can be done with visualization)

Prepare your area ( lay out the cloth, get out your tools and so on)

Quiet your mind

Ask for guidance and give a blessing (if you are led)

Use your tool

Pay attention to your instincts.

Break the connection (clear the deck or tool)

Thank whoever you asked for guidance

Close your space

Of coarse you can make this as simple or as elaborate as you want.


How I make a pendulum.

Items needed

a pendulum

wire real silver or copper or gold

wire snips

needle nose pliers

6 to 10" chain (which ever type you want and experiment with the length)

2 jump rings

1 small charm

Find your object. This may be through trial and error. Try using different objects to see which uses your personal energy the best. ( I tend to only be able to use stone pendulums, wooden ones simply just shake on the string for me.)

For a Wooden one you can either make your own, putting a eye screw on the top to attach the chain or buy one.

For a stone one you can either wrap the top or get a pre-made pendant with a whole already through it. ( they sell these at craft stores in the jewelry component section)

for the wrap or the wire you use near the stone should be one that works with your energy. For some that would be silver (real) or as in my case copper wire (real) experiment with all to find out which works the best for you.

For a stone pendulum you are going to put about 2" of wire through the hole, making it even out both sides. Take the ends and bring them both up over the top, to make it look like it is a triangle with the pendulum in the middle of the long part of the triangle. It should swing freely while on the wire. Make a loop with one of the ends of wire and wrap the other wire around the end of the loop, it should still look like a triangle but with a loop at the top.

Take a jump ring and attach it to the loop and attach it to your chain.

Open another jump ring and put it on the other end of your chain and attach your charm.

That’s it.

You can now cleanse and charge your new pendulum however you wish. I do recommend putting your new pendulum next to your body for a bit to get it in line with your energies. I will try to add pictures for the steps soon.


An odd and fun divination which works on the same principal of reading tea leaves is cheerio’s (yes the cereal) divination. I used this (not joking) as a child. You basically eat your bowl of cereal down to the last few you chase around trying to get them on your spoon. You stir them up so they are going fast and watch what symbols they make once they stop. I know this sounds silly but try it and see!