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A Rite or two!
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A few tools to help you get to know Hecate.

So you want to work with Hecate? A Meditation.


Often when one is just beginning in the Craft, the First Deity one meets is often mistaken for the Patron/matron Deity within your life. And although I believe that Deity never comes into ones life without a purpose this point can often get a bit confusing. (Please see the what Deity is page.)

The following meditation should help you in seeking out why a particular Deity has made it’s self known to you and what purpose it has within your life.

Sometimes we are drawn to a particular Deity, out of the blue. This is a meditation that I recommend for those who are looking into learning and /or worshiping Hecate. ( or any other Deity) I have used this my self many times when a new Deity comes into my life. Again feel free to adapt this for your personal tastes and for the deity you are working with and comfort zone.

This can be done either with or without a circle or any ritual props. It is also written for those who are already familiar with self meditation ( see links page for sites that teach this if you do not know how)

Items you may need.


Prayer shawl or blanket

Your BOS or a journal.


It is helpful if you have a list of questions already in mind before you begin that you will ask the Deity. Here are a few suggestions but please come up with your own.

Why have you come into my life?

Are you my matron/ Patron Deity?

If yes ask them to explain.

If not ask them what is it that you need to learn from them?

Ask them how long you are going to work with them?

Ask them where you need to look for information about them or the things you need to learn from them.

Ask them how they wish for you to honor them.

(Such as a particular rite or a ritual on a specific day)

Once you are ready,

Put your self into your trance state. See your self in your safe trace place. You notice a door off to your right that you here a knock at. Open the door. You see Hecate and invite her in.

You both sit down and you turn to her. She smiles warmly and looks deep into your eyes. Begin asking her your questions pausing to give her time to answer back. ( not really a problem with Hecate as she tend to just get to the point) When you have asked all of your questions and have received you answers ask the Goddess if there is anything else you need to see or here now within your life before you part. ( you may be surprised!) Once you are ready Thank the Goddess for coming and walk her to the door. You embrace and she gives you a key telling you that this will open the door to where she is at when you want to see her again. Close the Door and return to your seat. Do whatever else you need to do in your safe place and return to the mundane world when you are ready.


It is a good idea to write down what you experienced and the answers to your questions. This is a very simple but very effective meditation that tends to last as long as you need it to and is effective with any Deity. The Key is for you to be able to connect again, although with Hecate, she just tends to show up when and where she wants. I have used it to seek her within the underworld, just please remember your manners ( with any Deity) and knock before unlocking the door to their chambers.



A Hecate Ritual of honor.

The following is a ritual that I wrote in 2001( parts have been revised.)

Some suggested items;


Offering plate

food for offering

Incense and burner

a pillow to sit on

a blanket or prayer shawl for your meditation time.

Prepare your Alter and your ritual items as you normally do. Prepare and purify your self. I recommend a "lite" incense with cypress.


You will be in a deep meditation and depending on your own comfort level if you feel safer while in a circle, you may want to include the following steps.

Cleanse the area strongly in the method that you would with a banishing. Then cast your circle in your normal manner. Some people use salt to mark their circle but this is entirely up to you, I personally don’t for this ritual.

Beginning in the East.

Guardians of the Dawn! I call upon thee! Come! Be present! Bless this rite!

Next quarter;

Guardians of the Now! I call upon thee! Come! Be present! Bless this rite!

Next quarter;

Guardians of Death! I call upon thee! Come! Be present! Bless this rite!

Next quarter;

Guardians of Re-birth! The most shining ones! I ask for your presence here for this rite!

Center; While standing in the Pentacle position Say:

Most lovely one! I honor Thee! I seek thee!

Allow time for Hecate to respond.

Drop your hands down into a position of reception and say;

I seek thee to honor you. To walk with you in this sacred place. Hail Great Mother! Hail Divine Teacher! Hail The barer of light!

(Holding the offering plate over your head)

To you I give the finest of all that you have bestowed upon me!

(Place the plate on the floor before the alter)

(pick up the challis and hold over your head)

To you I give the finest of all that you have bestowed upon me!

Your Blessings do not go unnoticed, Great Mother!

(Place this beside the offering plate)

(kneel before the alter and lightly place your right hand on your left shoulder and place your left hand your right shoulder)


Walker of the three worlds, Mistress of past souls, I your priestess/priest wish to honor you, for all that you have given me! Praise be to the Maiden! Praise be to the Mother! Praise be to the Crone! Praise be to the cycle of Life, Death and re-birth!

I ask that you continue to keep me in your care, remind me to be mindful of keeping your way’s and that I always remain cloaked in your honor and continue to receive your blessings.

(Drop forward and stretch your arms out ward, keeping your palms on the floor)

Say; For you I am a vessel Great Mother Hecate! Open up thy ears to hear your words! Open thy mouth to speak your praise! Open thy eyes to see your lessons! Open up thy heart and fill my soul!

(Remain in this position for a few moments and when you feel the warmth spread SLOWLY bring yourself up in to a comfortable sitting position grab your pillow if needed!)


I am you open Vessel!

This is the time you can begin your meditation, If you find it helpful turn on some soft background music. Allow as much time as needed for with the Goddess, if you have questions ask them! Pay attention to all that you see as Hecate often shows you things that you need. Remember that no harm can come to you while you are with Hecate but it is also important to understand that what she may say or show you things, especially if it is about your growth, that may not make you feel comfortable. Hecate tends to be blunt and often take the fastest route in order for you to get the point and help you begin to grow.

When you start to feel yourself begin to return to your normal awareness Thank the Goddess for this time with her.

Stand up slowly and open your self into the pentacle position saying;

Your words have filled me Great Mother,

Your wisdom has mingled with my soul,

Let me never forget your lessons!

At this point you may close your circle or you may continue with anything else that you had planed to do.

I recommend that you write down what you did hear, saw or smelled and so on from you meditation time. You probably received a lot of information and it would be hard to recall if you don’t. Also pay close attention to your dreams for the next few nights. I don’t do this rite more then once a month at most. If you are meditating on a regular basis it is not necessary. I usually preform this rite when I am feeling blocked or overwhelmed and need clarity as the results are swift and intense. Feel free to adapt this for your personal preferences and comfort zone.

Jeannette Morrone.