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This is where members of The Son’s and Daughter’s of Hecate can share some of their musings be it poems, art or articles. Most items here will be related to Hecate or Hecate inspired. It is my hope this will encourage visitors to release their muse and to let your creativity flow!


~~Legal stuff~~

All work on these pages is copyrighted to their creators and they fully retain their rights. What is here has been used with their gracious permission and out of the spirit of sharing. They can be printed out, but please don’t pass them off as your own or put them on you site without permission. Contact me and I will forward your request to the creator of the piece and you can discuss it with them if you wish to use some of their work shown here! ~~~



Below is  is the work from a long time member and friend. At the bottome of the page is a link to her publisher where you can order some of her  well rated  books!



Moon Daughter

                    Melissa Glisan


When the Universe did spin out

Came glowing Arinna to shine about

Full of passion’s wonder, fun, so bright

Until Sariel did court her with his starry night.


Every change of night and day did twist

Yet Arinna could not penetrate Dawn’s mist

To lay loving heated eyes on His glowing form

So she stirred the skies with a frightful storm.


He also quested to espy Her burning shape

And tried to send a shadowed veil across Her nape

But standing between them spun

A void of possibilities ne’er begun.


But when at last the Moon’s cool Dark

Did eclipse the Sun’s fair mark

At last those possibilities began

It pulsed and quivered begetting man.


The Sun did smile, and for Her he did flourish

But father Moon did wait aeons a daughter to nourish

Finally that Eve was born

Alone from Sun’s people torn.


Her milk skinned flesh blushed blue

Hair of whitest luster pure as virtue

Stood crying for her deepest loss of all

Never did notice silvered stars did fall.


As motes of liquid loving night

Danced about her form so slight

Sparkling of a love so true

Clothed young Shukra in dappled dew.


The Kloka Shukra stood, pale and strong

In her cloak of Midnight Song

And welcomed a mate of Sun’s fair hue

As her Father’s example aimed her do.


So ever more, Sun males mate as must

With Moon’s pure Daughters in pure lust,

If ever were a dance more true

Would be you join me in Dawn’s fair Dew.


                    Melissa Glisan



                    Melissa Glisan


Over the hills and far away,

where Midnight’s creatures dance and play.


Shadow trees hide bright fairy rings,

made of toad stools and other things.


The dark conceals a small satyr,

who when waked…I’ll tell you later.


Look over there - what could it be,

sparkling lights on the deep dark sea?


Eyes! Be they undine or mermaid?

Know you the truth, both must be paid.


To the path! Follow high or low?

Specks of fox light point where to go.


Remember dear, all isn’t light.

Darkness hides more creatures of night.


Crimson splashes land on the ground,

some here, some there. Look, all around.


A red rush flows from the throat’s well.

Vampires, werewolves, we can’t tell.


Snap! Then a pop come from o’er there.

Who could be ‘neath all that white hair?


Tending her wash on the river…

Run fast! Or to her song shiver!


Follow me, quick! Let’s run-away

Ere we get stolen by dark fey.


One last stop, the last one you’ll see,

to meet a demon so shapely.


A whippoorwill moans in dread fear,

cold wails of death hearken quite near.


Don’t hide, but watch for at the sound

appears a haze of ghosts all ‘round.


Now is the hour witches dread,

as they spin tales to ease the dead.


Hearken! There be laws to abide;

whether you roam day or Nightside.


Pay the ankou two silver pence

or be lost behind Charon’s fence.


Sleep claim us now, indulge in yawn,

greeting us now is rosy Dawn.


                    Melissa Glisan 





                    Melissa Glisan  

A valueless value

eternal ebbing void

to surpass horizons.


Vaulted echoes without return

that cannot be fathomed

thus must not exist.


Without existence

there is no place contains it

here or in the sainted heaven.


Reduced to a cypher

but a cipher is naught,

so as we are taught.


Solve for me calculus

do add and then divide

find wherein it resides.


Estimate the secret

hidden code woven

within the web of eternity.


Discover the forbidden language

unlock doors of knowledge

of life beget creation.


Be it all as one

or, be that one be none,

the math of nonentity.


Nothingness that

shatters the veil of

perceived divinity.


Delve by intuition

the overarch of this crust,

existence is Syphaerit…


Which ever remains - reduced

to a cypher

and that is the answer.


                    Melissa Glisan



More of   Melissa 's writings

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